‘Coal Creek Canyon’s Trick -or- Treating Community’

We’re a community of mountain monsters who love Halloween located up here in Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado. We offer trick or treating to ALL AGES, but you MUST be in costume to get your loot otherwise we don’t give a hoot.

On All Hallows Eve/Oct. 31st (from 5-8pm) we open our doors and turn up the lights, welcoming our monster trick or treaters. No need to go into town when there’s plenty of sweets awaiting your knock, with a side of tricks making you squeal. Halloween in Coal Creek Canyon is some serious business for it doesn’t just ‘happen’. This is an event that takes a lot of work but delivers big smiles and major tooth decay. During the month of October you will see our advertisements in the CCC paper and huge vinyl signs marking this spooktacular event.  On the day of the event there will be signs marking the actual Streets of Treats to visit.

Mountain trick or treating has its ups and downs, usually with ice covered roads and mayhem, but if you’re a local you’re sure to be used to it relishing in your adaptability and mountaineering skills to brave the icy temps and snow covered roads. For tips, go to our Trick or Treating page; Secret Tips. There  you’ll discover the way CCCMonsterville will work for you and your deprived snickers bar addiction.

Have a safe & spooktacular Halloween!