CCCMonsterville CEO’s:

Headwarts: Anne Snow & Greg Fieldmouse
Candy Crusher: Cindy Kolinski
Cryptic IT: ???YOU???
Founding Wizards: Vanessa & Steve Wishstar


Private Group on FB:

On the witch hunt for Cryptic IT dept., for CCCMonsterville.
Vanessa & Steve Wishstar have been organizing CCCMonsterville Trick or Treating since 2001. Finally they moved to Alaska and several CCC’ers have stepped up to the chopping block and took over parts of CCCMonserville! So grateful, but we still NEED an IT person. So, if you love Halloween and want it available for monsters of ALL ages in CCC, contact us if you’re interested in taking over the IT department asap. :). The job is spookylious and full of treats!

CCCMonsterville is specifically FOR kids of all ages in our mountain community located in Coal Creek Canyon. This event was conjured up by a desire and voted for by the majority, of those who live on Streets of Treats in the fall of 2001. This is a FREE Halloween time event where people get to know their community and neighbors by handing out treats to all those in costume, no matter their age. If you live on a trick or treating street and you don’t want to participate, then please don’t, but respect others that do it’s as easy as that. CCCMonsterville is FOR the community, that’s its sole purpose, so monsters of all ages don’t have to go to strangers houses, down in town, just to get a treat once a year. It’s about bringing the community together and actually sharing with your neighbor. It’s about putting aside personal differences and opening your door and heart to your CCC community.
Note: 99% of the monsters are actual CCC residents who participate in this event, mainly because we’re located at the top of the mountain and it always snows. Yet another bonus to living in high altitude:)

If you have any questions or comments or want to volunteer your TIME feel free to email us, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today, it’s never too early even in July.

Founding Wizards: Vanessa & Steve Wishstar

Candy Crusher: Cindy Kolinski

Headwarts: Greg Fieldmouse & Anne Snow

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