Mega Monster Sponsor:

Want to be a Mega Monster Sponsor (Donation of $50 or above by Sept 1st)?  Donate here.
Mega Monster Sponsors get the benefits of putting your logo/ad on EVERY page of cccMonsterville (on the sidebar) for approx a year! You also will be advertised on other online sites such as Facebook, via our page and other Coal Creek Canyon FB pages. Limited space available, reserve by September 1st.

Mega Monster Sponsor’s receive the following:
1) Online coverage on multiple pages on Facebook (including but not limited to: Coal Creek Canyon, CO, CCCMonsterville FB group page and FB PUBLIC page (also on cover photo), CCCIA, and others.)
2) A picture with your business info, saying, “Click here to scare the Mega Monster Sponsor” which directs you to your website essentially. This will be on every sidebar on our website: www.CCCMonsterville.com . It will be up there for approx one year (Sept.1st – Sept.1st)
3) You will have your own page on our website with a detailed picture of your logo and information, along with a direct link to your website.
4) You will be advertised in the CCC Mountain Messenger paper, giving thanks to your sponsorship.

Current Mega Monster Sponsors for CCCMonsterville:

Mock Realty ~
Kathy Keating

Hunt Country Iron
Hunt Country Iron_Mega Monster Sponsor


Want to be a Gremlin Giver (Donation under $50 by Sept. 1st)? Donate here.
Gremlin Givers can advertise their business or family name on the Gremlin Givers page via cccMonsterville.

14th Annual Gremlin Givers for CCCMonsterville:donor_unknown (The Coal Creek Canyon Mountain Messenger)

All donations go towards: the workings of the cccMonsterville website, ad$ in our local papers, replacement and repair of signage. If you’re a Mega Monster Sponsor your business gets frightful attention as we make it our mission to publicly share your generosity.
Please visit our Facebook page among other Coal Creek Canyon FB pages to see how we advertise your business and cccMonsterville.

Gremlin Giver’s receive the following:
1) Basic online Facebook coverage, stating your business name and for more info they have to visit our website: www.CCCMonsterville.com .
2) A picture with link to your website ONLY on the Gremlin Giver’s cccMonsterville webpage, not on any sidebars or any other pages besides this one: http://www.cccmonsterville.com/sponsors/gremlin_givers/
3) You will be advertised in the CCC Mountain Messenger local paper, only with your name. No picture, logo, or detailed info.