Extended House Participators

So, you want trick – or – treaters but you don’t live in the hubbub of cccMonsterville? Not to worry, we’ve got solutions for your yearning. We strive to see your tooth decayed smiles, so here’s our suggestions in which we’ll help divert the candy crazies your way.

1. Read the Participating Homes guidelines to make sure you want trick or treaters and how to attract them, even if it’s just a few. If you want t&t’s know to do this: hang a ghost at your driveway, all ages + costume = candy (no exceptions to this rule as everyone deserves chocolate hiking these hills), and light up your home making it obvious you celebrate this holiday.

2. Fill out this form below and eventually we will be advertising a map of places outside cccMonsterville so monsters know where folks have treats with a side of tricks. Please note that this form is for our us only so we can locate you on a virtual map to give t&t (trick – or – treaters).

3. Because t&t have a limited time of getting sugared up from 5-8pm within the streets of treats, we extend the time for ‘extended house participators’ from 4-9 pm. This means that if you’re on the map; be responsible for that free advertising by being ready. If you can’t make it home by 4 pm given Halloween night falls on a weekday, figure something out that works for you and t&t’s, even a food cache hanging by a rope¬†could work. Also there are lots of kids who come later to cccMonsterville’s Streets of Treats and when we’re all out of candy, you opening your doors for an extended hour really helps lessen the blow. Many parents work long hours not being able to come home in time to chauffeur their monsters. So you’ll be the new hot place to go.

The map will not be complete till next season, but be sure to fill out the form asap because when it’s close to Halloween you won’t be uploaded as it’s too hairy of things happening all at once. Have a happy halloween and grateful you’ve joined this celebration!

By clicking the send button, you confirm that you will follow the rules and guidelines for CCCMonsterville in being an extended house-participator. You have reviewed the Participating Home Rules.

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If you want to participate but still can’t get the T&T, head on down to cccMonsterville streets of treats and start with a mobile candy unit, walking up and down the streets of treats. Or park your car in a visible area there and hand out treats! Contact us to find out the best area to do this. We can dream up a million ways in which you can get your haunting fix to celebrate this spooktacular season!