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EXPO time!
Join us in ogling all the local organizations, including cccMonsterville on Sat., Oct. 21st 2017 from 3-6pm at the CCCIA (Coal Creek Canyon Improvement Association). 
We’ll be providing Maps for Trick or Treating, Smore Roasting, and a chance to win a homemade organic Apple Pie! Can’t wait to meet you! 





Sugar & Screams,
Vanessa & Steve Wishstar
(Headwarts of CCCMonsterville)
Private Group on FB:

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Come meet us at the Coal Creek Canyon EXPO that’s occurring within the canyon to get a MAP of trick or treating streets. Plus so many other games and loot to make you hoot for cccMonsterville! There will be tons of us here, showcasing the many activities Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado creates for our community. Please join us Sat., Oct. 15th 2016 @ CCCIA from 3-6 pm. It’s a free expo so get your tush here because who doesn’t want to win door prizes?

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2015 Fandanas

Happy 15th Anniversary Coal Creek Canyon of cccMonsterville! We’re giving away free Fandanas to celebrate all you ghouls getting dressed up and braving the snowy cold each year. Retrieve them during Halloween night at the cccMonsterville’s headinquarters: 44 Linn Ln. There’s a limited supply so only for those in costume and limit 2 per family (unless you have more kids).

Happy Halloween and don’t forget to check out our new video on everything cccMonsterville! Boo!

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2012 News

2012 CCCMonsterville Monsters, thank you!
Do we have the coolest Canyon or what?!? Coal Creek Canyon you rock, all of you. For the participants in handing out candy, to the monsters of ALL ages in costume, we LOVE you as we couldn’t of celebrated without all your participation. Yet again we had another successful year, even with the ‘back up’ on Aspen/Linn Ln. In the future there are sooooooooo many other roads adjacent to Camp Eden Rd. waiting for monsters so please try to spread out your candy gobbling throughout CCCMonsterville, so all our house participants can get a chance to scare the snot out of you. We live for this…. We on Linn Ln. had OVER 200 monsters in costume, thankfully we didn’t eat any candy prior, sheeshh!

Also we’d like to extend our outreach on this website so please if you celebrated CCCMonsterville’s trick or treating this year, or any year send pics so we can post them. Also PLEASE join our CCCMonsterville FACEBOOK private group page. It’s private so we can discuss anything like, our addresses… and so forth and feel ‘safe’ in doing so. There you can post up your pictures of trick or treating and we’ll copy them and put them up on the main website.

And as for the weather, I’d like to take a moment and thank the weather gods for lifting the Halloween ice curse on Colorado this year. For once I’m grateful for Global Warming (just this once :)). This was a night we’ll always remember, because of all of you! Love you CCC monsters!

Shout OUT to our 2012 Sponsors! We couldn’t of done it without you! Thank you from every crooked bone in our body.
Mega Monster Sponsor: Mock Realty ~ Kathy Keating
Gremlin Givers


2012 Halloween ~ Can you believe it’s already here?!? Boo! Well hopefully this year will be warm enough and we’ll have low winds so we can travel the mountain for treats galore. Remember to only visit houses with house lights on, so we can allow others their privacy and choice whether or not to participate. It doesn’t matter your age, if you’re in costume you get treats, at least at our house you do. So get on your galoshes, break our your 2011 Sponsored Backpacks from last year, put batteries in your headlamp and start trekking down the streets adjacent to Camp Eden Rd., Halloween night (Wed., Oct. 31st 2012) from 5-8pm. We can’t wait to trick and treat you! Happy Hauntings from CCCMonsterville.

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Thank you 2011 Monsters in Costume.

You made this 10th year anniversary a night to remember. Please send us your digital photos and we’ll put them up on the website. Go to the Gallery page to upload your images. If you want a free trick-or-treat bag, we have a few left and we can put in our dropbox (44 Linn Lane) for you to pick up – just use the Contact Form requesting bags and list how many.

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10th Annual CCCMonsterville +     FREE backpacks!

This year’s our 10th Annual event of trick or treating at CCCMonsterville. In celebration of this decade of haunting we’re giving out Free trick or treat backpacks.
Sponsored by our Mega Monster Sponsor; Kathy Keating
and all our Gremlin Givers.
Backpacks will be given out by the CCCMonsterville Leaders @ 44 Linn Ln., 10/31 from 5-8pm. You MUST be in costume to receive a backpack since there’s a limited supply. Boo!

FREE Orange Backpack with this logo and sponsors listed on it!

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New website!

Welcome to CCCMonsterville’s new website. We hope you enjoy all the spookiness. Browse around to scare out all the info or send us a BOO!. Don’t forget to visit our Testimonial page to share your screams and scares.



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