Gremlin Givers

Gremlin Givers

Current Gremlin Givers
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The Coal Creek Canyon Mountain Messenger

Want to be a Gremlin Giver?

Donations under $50, get to advertise
their Business logo or Family name
on this Gremlin Giver page.

Gremlin Giver’s get the following:
1) Basic online Facebook coverage, stating your business name and for more info they have to visit our website: .
2) A picture with link to your website ONLY on the Gremlin Giver’s cccMonsterville webpage, not on any sidebars or any other pages besides this one:
3) You will be advertised in the CCC Mountain Messenger local paper, only with your name. No picture, logo, or detailed info.

Donate here.

Want to up the stakes? Become a Mega Monster Sponsor
($50 or above donations) and have your business ad
on EVERY page (on the side bar) for approximately a year.
Limited space available for Mega Monsters,
reserve by September 1st.
Donate Here to be a Mega Monster Sponsor.

Donations keep cccMonsterville alive and beating.
Your financial generosity make it possible to run
this website, put ad$ in the local papers, replace
and repair signage. We thank you with every
beat of our bloody hearts.

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