Please add your comments and testimonials here. We’d love to hear from the community about your CCC trick or treating experience. How was the haunted house? Did you visit Camp Eden’s Fall Festival? Any spooks or scares? What was your favorite trick or treating house? Do you have a tummy ache from all the sugar? Happy Halloween!

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#1 Posted by admin (25.09.11 at 10:21 )

We just wanted to thank all of CCC trick or treaters and the house participants for making CCCMonsterville possible. In turn you give us an outlet for our creativity and warped sense of humor. Thank you for all being so kind and appreciative, above all supportive in this fun fall time event. Also much gratitude goes out to our sponsors over the years as your donation helps considerably.
With much Love and Scare,
Vanessa & Steve Wishstar ~ CCCMonsterville Leaders

#2 Posted by Kathy Hornbaker (28.10.11 at 18:21 )

If you’ve never celebrated Halloween in Coal Creek Canyon’s Monsterville, you are really missing out on a spectacular event. The dedication, creativity. and just pure fun are what make a community a special place. And this event has it all. Not to mention the sweet treat delights. The time spent in preparation is evident as you wind your way through the area along with all the other ghosts, goblins, and such. And a free backpack at 44 Linn Lane. WOW That speaks of the true spirit of giving that abounds. Be sure and make the trip. You’ll be happy you did!

#3 Posted by Tim Reid (01.11.11 at 11:27 )

Another great Monsterville experience for all ages! Thanks to all who coordinated, decorated & participated. See you next year.

#4 Posted by Michele (02.11.11 at 13:48 )

Great job, as usual! Loved the backpacks, what a wonderful idea to give the monsters.
And a big thanks for embracing our neighborhood spirit.
P.S. Apple tarts were delicious.

#5 Posted by Brenda and Mike Pollak (02.11.11 at 19:12 )

What fun and many thanks to Steve and Vanessa for organizing such a spooktacular event! We hit the jack pot when we moved to Coal Creek two years ago, never realizing the “community”we had found. Bonus to live right in Monsterville! Truly don’t know who has more fun the kids or the adults. Can’t wait to see everyone same time next year!
Thanks for stopping by and making our night.
Farmer Brown and the Cow

#6 Posted by Yvonne michael (04.11.11 at 10:56 )

WOW!! Just wanted to say thanks for such safe & wonderful places to visit this yaer. We started at 5 and only saw about half of the offerings. Our favs were the hauntings, the house on camp eden with the scrunched skier and monster, the mobile candy guys, the traveling haunted house, the traveling corpse…so much to see !! Most fun we’ve had for Halloween – and the bags were thought out with their safety strips…grandkids say: aauuugghhwwwoooooooo!!!