Participating Homes

CCCMonsterville is a community of mountain people
who live on Streets of Treats  and are Trick or Treater supporters,
also known as House Participants.

Camp Eden Rd,  Sunny Dr.,

Katie Ln.,  Aspen Dr.,  Linn Ln.,

Ronnie Rd.,  Happy Trail,

Leon Ln.,  &  Debra Ann Rd.

You don’t live on the Streets of Treats but still want T&T? Click here for the Trunk or Treat page!

On all Hallows Eve/Oct. 31st from 5-8pm we turn on
our house lights, put up ghost locators and get ready to
serve trick or treaters of ALL AGES in costume candy.

Need CANDY to distribute? We have candy donaters that would LOVE to help you lessen your load (cost). 
So, go to the contact form and let us know if you want us to drop off a bag of candy at your home. First come, first serve and don’t be shy, there’s usually plenty to be distributed by locals wanting to help, as this is their way of being apart of it all. 

We at CCCMonsterville do some advertising, but it’s really up to you if you want trick or treaters especially if you live on one of the Streets of Treats road. So if you want the candy driven monsters, turn your house & driveway lights on, have LOTS of candy to give out and make it available for ALL AGED monsters in costume. Over the years we all have gotten tons of trick or treaters, but since the advertising has been cut down, and the haunted houses have dwindled, expect anywhere from 75-150+ monsters on Halloween night. When the Wishstar’s (previously known as The Wichman’s) did their haunted house at; 44 Linn Ln., they used to get 300 monsters begging for candy after being scared half to death. It was a reward to go through the spooky house, but since they finished their remodel of their home, and like to keep the cobwebs at bay, their haunted house is put on hold. If you do have a haunted house and want friendly monsters to visit, please contact us and we will advertise you on our website for FREE of course. Plus make sure to send in your photos of your spooky driveway, house, husband… and you can have your own Cob-Webpage right here on CCCMonsterville. It’s FREE so send in your photos with a comment or two and we’ll post your very own Cob-Webpage.

Don’t want trick or treaters?:

If you DO NOT want trick or treaters leave your FRONT PORCH/DRIVEWAY lights OFF! Trick or Treaters are on a hunt for candy so please don’t have all your house lights on making it look like you’re serving candy, but you don’t answer the door. You don’t have to sit in the dark, but you also don’t have to have a Vegas light show on this special night if you’re not serving treats. Try to be courteous to our mountain monsters who have to travel these snowy mountain hills just to get some chocolate. Thank you.

The  Spooky  Suggestions

1. Trick or Treating is on Oct. 31st from 5-8pm.
No matter if it’s in the middle of the week or on a weekend, nothing stops monsters from getting their treats. Decorating your house/driveway entrance is a great way to guide the candy crazed monsters to your door. Feel free to get dressed up yourself to greet the trick or treaters. They sure love a good trick with their treat, especially the older ones!

2. Candy is served to monsters of ALL AGES in costume.
Prepare for around 75-150+ monsters, it could be more or less depending on weather/road conditions. Each year the amount differs, but try to buy candy/snacks that you can freeze or give away so you don’t feel obligated to eat it all, unless you like feeling obligated.

3. Turn your house lights ON and possibly hang a Ghost.
If you want trick or treaters to come to your house, turn your house lights on! Decorating your home helps monsters know where to go, but it’s not required. Scary music outside really helps pulling in those trick or treaters. Along with homemade growls, cackles, and ghost sounds. *Putting up a homemade ghost at your driveway entrance really helps. You can make a simple ghost out of a garbage bag, yet if it snows that year try a ghost that has a colored scarf on or lite up with a flashlight. In years past this was the ‘locator’ for trick or treating houses so the old schoolers really know about this tip. Note: Flashlights stuck between rocks or shoved in snow do wonders for lighting up your Halloween paraphernalia.

If you have any questions please feel free to Contact us. If it is close to Halloween night we might not be able to get back with you since we are super busy putting up signs and so forth.


How to make a cheap ‘Locator’ ghost (optional):
Get a trash bag/sheet, orange works really well so it doesn’t match in with the snow, fill a plastic bag with air packaging bag wrapped in a paper towel or styrofoam peanuts (lightweight), then put the head under the trash bag/sheet, tie a string around its neck, draw a face with permenant marker, than hang in a tree outside near your driveway entrance. This is not required it just helps trick or treaters know that you are all about Halloween and serving candy.

Amount of Trick or Treaters
Since The Wishstar’s aren’t doing their haunted house anymore the amount of trick or treaters usually reaches around 150+. It all depends on if you do it each year. Trick or Treaters have an excellant memory on who serves candy and who doesn’t. So those houses that serve candy every year always get a lot of monsters. If you want lots of T&T then make it obvious and advertise by lighting up your home, play a cd of creepy music outside, hang a ghost locator, and even dress up – tricks for treats I say!

Not on the map but want Trick or Treaters?
If you want trick or treaters try to get your neighbors to participate. The more you have in a group the more we are willing to advertise for you. If you can get at least 3+ neighbors on your street who will participate we will extend the location on the Streets of Treats. Besides on the map we state that trick or treaters can go other places besides the Streets of Treats route to find their loot. We will also advertise your street on our advertising venues. Just contact us if you want your street listed.
In 2017 we started up TRUNK or Treat, which helps those who don’t live in the mecca of CCCMonsterville or just don’t get enough T&T and end up eating all their leftover candy. So check out the page for more info. 

Have a Happy & Safe Halloween and remember to have fun!