Secret Tips

1) Locate houses with lights on. Each house that is offering candy will have their lights on and maybe Halloween paraphernalia displayed. Some of the lights might be hard to see, but these are the ways of ‘old fashion’ trick or treating. In the past some houses used ghosts hanging at the driveway entrance for a trick or treat locator, but when it snows the ghosts match in, so keep your eyes peeled. Ewwwww.

2) Be in Costume to get candy. This is a time of celebrating your inner goblin! So dress him or her up anyway you like, just think you will be warmer throughout the evening and get candy, who can argue with that? You don’t need to have kids to go trick or treating, you just need a costume. So grab your friends, make sure you dress in costume, and bring your pillowcases to fill up with candy. Halloween in CCC will forever be for ALL AGED MONSTERS!

3) When should you come? Please come on Halloween night, Oct. 31st. We open our doors at 5pm and usually end up closing them by 8pm. Please don’t come earlier then 5pm due to we might not be home.

4) Find out where you’re going ahead of time. As your kids are screaming in the back of the car looking for the houses with lights on signifying whose house to trick or treat at, you might feel like you are going crazy and you won’t need a costume this year due to the stress. So here is some food for thought… Many people I have seen drive their cars up Camp Eden Rd. and down the rest of the Streets of Treats roads (see map and print out) a few days BEFORE Halloween. This really helps kids and parents know where they are going before entering the mad rush of cars sliding all over the place Halloween night. It’s a good way to learn about the area in daylight hours before you get your freak on.

5) Discover alternate routes. If you visited us in the past years you have probably witnessed the chaos on the roads during Halloween due to icy conditions. First I suggest that we all take it a lot slower, kids don’t have to go to every house, they will survive, and you are still the best parent ever. Second there are alternate routes (paved v.s. gravel). See our Streets of Treats map, or follow tip #4 so you know where you are going ahead of time.

6) What to Bring. Please bring the following; Flashlight/Headlamp, Pillowcase/Backpack to hold candy (I have found little monster’s candy everywhere the day after and I felt so bad for them, so I ate it and so did our dogs:)), WARM clothing under your costume, Boots/Shoes with TREAD, and above all a visable costume! This is the one time you get to dress up like a baffoon and be applauded for it, so go the extra mile and dress up. Hey the more strange you are, the better you fit in….for once in life.

7) Donating. Our advertising costs vary each year due to replacing signs, updating, giving you the best quality trick or treating around.  So donations aren’t desperately needed like when we did the haunted house and such, but if you are so inclined we do accept donations and we will list your family’s name or company’s website up on our CCCMonsterville website as a big hearted thank you for making our job easier. Go to our Donation page to view the specs on how to donate. Thank you!