Trunk or Treat





Update: 10. 31. 2018 – We aren’t doing Trunk or Treat this year, UNLESS someone wants to spearhead it? Please contact me asap, if so. Due to our current circumstances (pregnancy) we’re not able to host this for 2018. Looking forward to doing it in 2019 if there’s enough interest. 

A NEW treat for those who don’t have houses on the Streets of Treats in CCCMonsterville, introducing TRUNK or TREAT! This modern day twist offers the avenue for those without house location access on Streets of Treats to still hand out candy.  We have specific parking spaces for groups of 5-7 vehicles in which you can trick out your trunk of your vehicle, in the middle of cccMonsterville’s trick-or-treating mayhem, up and off of Camp Eden Road. Please follow our guidelines (see below) so we can ensure the safety of our mountain monsters and you! We look forward to expanding the scares and screams through our echoing mountain hills, while satisfying your need of scaring little children. Just kidding, we know it’s a good excuse to buy and eat tons of candy without guilt. 

Guidelines for a safe tooth rotten delivery:
1. Contact the organizers in where to park your get up (vehicle). There are specific locations that are designed to handle large amount of trick or treaters without being in the middle of the road. Contact Vanessa Wishstar to reserve a spot. Fill out Contact Us form.

2. Decorate your entire vehicle with lights! As you know, the following week AFTER Halloween the time changes, so our daylight hours are still extending yet around 7 pm it’s dark! So, purchase a plug in 12 volt holiday lights with a cigarette lighter adapter or use an inverter for direct plug in. You shouldn’t have a problem draining the battery, but either case, make sure when you leave your fellow trunk or treater neighbor can start their car too. Another thought, is to use your summer solar lights, just make sure they’re charged a few days prior!  In some cases your vehicle will be positioned so the truck opens to the back ‘trail’, so as to protect little monsters since their candied crazed eyes are focused on one thing, and that’s not traffic. So, when you decorate, you might want to do something using a windshield shade/cover for the front which will be visible and attract more monsters from the road. And be sure to decorate the actual ‘trunk’. Here’s some brainstorming ideas on my Pinterest page.

3. Stay warm! As you know, it gets chilly, so dress for winter! Wear wool under your outfit (if you dress up) as you’ll be in and out of your vehicle. Also if you have a hatchback you might want to consider sitting INSIDE the ‘trunk’, so as to keep warm and out of the wind. Ahhhhh the wind, the pesky wind. Which leads to #4.

4. If you’re a seasoned cccMonsterville participator you know about wind. Some years are warm, some are feet of snow, and some are windy taking the scream out of your voice. In this case make sure your ‘trunk’ of treats is securely tied down and fastened as things tend to fly away and we don’t want to litter CCC. I would highly suggest you do a flat front of cardboard that folds inside, as to sit on it, so the monsters have to reach through a mouth or whatever design you have. This way it acts like a window, protecting you from the elements and you don’t have to continually start up your vehicle having monsters huff away on the exhaust, that can’t be good. If you’re in a pick up truck, rope down your T&T set up, much like our regular houses the rest of the year. 

5. Prepare. Set up way prior (if possible) and park your vehicle at your registered spot, day of, so when 5 pm comes around you can start the candy giveaway (for those in costume and for ALL ages), as you don’t want to be fiddled parking and such when there’s monsters on the street. Please look over the main guidelines on how cccMonsterville works via Participating Houses so you know how to play with us. 

So, we’d LOVE to have you join our cccMonsterville family of fun, and this is a way how to, if you don’t live on one of the Streets of Treats, but still want to participate. It’s always on Oct. 31st, from 5-8 pm. You might want to consider hanging a ghost locator on your vehicle (depending on how you’re parked you want it very visible from the road). The ‘ghost locator’ is just a plastic trash bag, upside down, filled with packaging wrap, keeping it lightweight, then draw a face on it and hang at the beginning of your entrance; in this case your vehicle near the road. This way monsters know you’re a cccMonsterville stop for tricks and treats. Make sure to contact us to register your spot and Happy Halloween!